Building Projects & Relationships

Services to Fit Your Needs

F&V Construction (FVC) provides designer-led, construction services to deliver projects. We customize our approach to fit your needs with specific focus on project planning that includes developing realistic budgets and schedules. By having our architects / engineers working directly as part of the construction team, we develop a deeper understanding of your project needs – and that leads to quality design that fits within your budget and schedule. We are very familiar with public funding sources and their contracting requirements.

Our services are tailored to fit your needs, including:

Design / Build

FVC provides design / build services to give clients a sole-source of responsibility for both design and construction. Our in-house design staff are licensed professionals with extensive experience. Your project is designed and built with a single point-of-contact and by a team under one roof.

The design / build delivery enhances communication and collaboration, and eliminates the frustration of dealing with multiple entities. This delivery method often expedites schedules and offers owner input on direction and cost before bidding and construction.

Construction Management (CM)

FVC provides open book CM services to give our clients a complete view of the costs associated with their project. You see trade costs, expenses, fees, contingencies, and our labor and overhead. We provide this service from a designer-led platform or we can build the project working alongside your design professional.

General Contracting

We provide general contracting services to construct the your project based on designs from your architect or engineer. We bid and construct your project working for you and in coordination with your design professional in a traditional contractor / owner relationship. Optionally, we can provide general contracting on a pre-selected basis.

Related Services

Value Engineering

FVC’s approach to value engineering is to focus on keeping the integrity of the owner’s design while finding potential cost-savings. We participate in both project planning and the design review phases to look at constructability, possible alternative construction materials to provide you with realistic options for reducing construction costs. Additionally, we look at construction techniques and systems for time-effectiveness to further streamline the timeline.

Financing / Budgeting

FVC, along with our affiliate company Fleis & VandenBrink, is very successful in finding appropriate funding opportunities for our clients. We can also materially participate in the project as an investor, or in a build-to-suit lease back configuration. This helps keep your capital focused on your business needs.